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  1. Guidance on Electronic Media Informatics
  2. Advice for higher study - M.B.A.?
  3. Various courses available after diploma?
  4. Advice for Law
  5. Scope of I.T. in India
  6. Information for Journalism Course
  7. Scope after B.C.A.
  8. Value of IGNOU M.C.A.
  9. Engineer & Call Centre?
  10. Career after B.A. Geography
  11. Career after B.Com
  12. Scope of different computer courses
  13. Complete Addresses of Commercial Pilot Training Schools in India
  14. MBA in H.R.M. in Australia or U.K.
  15. Want to know about Visual Merchandising?
  16. Job in Biotechnology
  17. MBA in abroad?
  18. Job Opportunities in India after Diploma in abroad
  19. Career Opportunities for CISA ( Course on Information and Systems Audit)
  20. Struggle to find a job

1. Subject: Guidance on Electronic Media Informatics

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am doing my post graduation in Electronic Media Informatics in Anna University, Chennai in India. This course of ours was recently introduced and I kindly request you to provide guidance, books, references useful links and Web sites. Our syllabus includes Mass communications, Media technologies, Television, Radio, Film and the Internet. Thank you.

Indraprastha College for Women and Jamia Milia Islamia and Institute of Mass Communication, JNU are the top institutions in Delhi. You may like to look up their sites for course information.

Your counsel.

2. Subject: Advice for higher study - M.B.A. ?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I lost my career completely. I have done Aircraft maintainance Engineering. Now it is not like degree now I want to go for higher studies as my age 28 years. Now if I study degree again 3 years now I am working for a private company but I need minimum MBA otherwise I don't have growth. Can you suggest me, what to do and how to go about? Thank you.

It is high time you get in to a job. You can do MBA in evening courses. You are qualified enough and do not carry an impression that degree is important. Those who wet their hands need to believe in the skill they have. Degrees only matter in competing for jobs where degree is a minimum bar.

Your counsel.

3. Subject: Various courses available after diploma?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have finished my diploma in Mechanical Engineering. What are the various courses available for further study? Can I do BBM? (in south India).

You should try and get a degree now. It has better value. Business Management shall be useful after that. You should apply in companies such as Volvo or GM and work your way up. Even as an apprentice, opportunities should be grabbed.

Remember, the opportunity is not that you got a job. The real opportunity lies in the chance to work hard and intelligently to prove that you are good.

At interviews, people ask basic fundamental questions. You should not be surprised if the interviewer asks you to define the Newton's Second Law of motion. You should not then say I do not remember. You may not remember the exact words, but fundamentally give out what it deals with and follow it up with applications and deeper aspects. Your answers need be brief and to the point.

Your counsel.

4. Subject: Advice for Law

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am still in 12 standard. I am planning to do law after my 12 standard. Is there any possible way to get into any universities? What are entrance exam for law & when it is held? What are its courses?

There are some Universities that are giving this program. Indraprastha University, Amity Business School are some examples. All entrance exams have English test in some form or the other, current affairs etc. Please keep yourself generally prepare, read magazines and newspapers to keep abreast of things around you.

Your counsel.

5. Subject: Scope of I.T. in India

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am B.E.(Electronics) and have done diploma in E-Commerce from Asset International and having 1 year of experience in Java field. I wanted to know what are the job prospects of Java, EJB in India.

Bleak, to be frank. You need to be multi skilled now a days, open in mind to migrate to other technologies quickly. Please keep yourself abreast with latest developments. Leverage your Electronics education in selecting your career path.

Your counsel.

6. Subject: Information for Journalism Course

Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm from Ladakh and a student of B.A. final, by CC, through Punjab University, Chandigarh. Presently working as a managing editor for a local magazine called "Mirror of Ladakh" being published in Ladakh. Which is the only magazine in the region. I want to join a Journalism course after my graduation, as there is almost no journalist in Ladakh. Could you please let me know the procedures for getting into IIMC? When will be the entrance? Can I apply while doing my B.A. final? How much fees will I have to pay? Because being a son of a farmer my financial sources are very limited. Will I be able to apply for a scholarship or study loan from the government of India? Could you also kindly let me know the duration of different courses? I can understand that it would be difficult for you to respond each individual email, but please reply me. Otherwise there is no alternative for us, in Ladakh, to know about such courses. With many thanks.

Mass Communications is a full time course in Jamia Millia Islamia, JNU, Delhi University and competition is hard. Symbiosis is also there but rightly said, these will be costly. And full time so you lose your job too. You are already in a job and you should consider yourself lucky to be "in".

In my opinion, you should concentrate on your general knowledge, analytical skills and language and expression development, unless you want to jump your job to do a course, to get back in to a job. I feel take advantage of being in a job and take up a correspondence course in Journalism and creative writing from IGNOU, say for example. They have PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGDJMC) Diploma in Creative writing in English (DCE).

You could also take up

  • Certificate Programme in Tourism Studies (CPTS)
  • Advanced Diploma in Tourism Studies (ADTS)
  • Master in Tourism Management (MTM)
  • Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS) with IGNOU.
Though Ladakh is presently not in such a situation, but these studies in Tourism will help you to carve your own career. Stick to the newspaper, but keep options in hand. Being from mountains yourself, you will not be able to understand what mountains and snow mean to those who live in the plains? You will have a natural advantage and will be able to make an excellent career in Tourism also.

Your counsel.

7. Subject: Scope after BCA

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have done B.C.A. from PTU. I want to do a job and corresponding degree also. Please suggest me for post graduate also. Please reply me soon. I shall be thankful to you.

BCA alone is not enough for a successful IT career. Please get yourself enrolled in a full time MCA from a good university if you have to reach good position in life. You must develop good programming skills. A good university and a good degree alone can give the right start.

Your counsel.

8. Subject: Value of IGNOU M.C.A.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Just want to know that is IGNOU M.C.A. has equivalent value as other regular university in software industries or there is some difference. Thanks and regards.

In my experience, the reputed software companies do not recognize M.C.A. from IGNOU.

Your counsel.

9. Subject: Engineer & Call Centre ?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a Computer Engineer ( passed in 2001). As I am a fresher there are few opportunities in programming or oracle D.B.A. field (my technical skills are C, C++, VC++ and Oracle D.B.A.). I want to know if it is O.K. to do a call centre job or mail managing type of job. Will it affect my career in the long run. Will I find it difficult to get a programming related job after I do a call centre job of my friends say you don't get any technical knowledge increased by joining such a job. Some also say it is a risk as it will be difficult to get out of such a job and get a proper engineering related job. Will my degree not be wasted in a call centre kind of job. Kindly advise regarding this.

Call center job is a different cup of tea. It has nothing to do with programming skills. I feel you should manage the two separately. It is perfectly fine that you remain gainfully employed. Call center's job can be interesting and taxing. Intelligence and presence of mind is required, for sure.

Please accept the fact that the software market is bad. While you should look at a call center job, you can keep the rest of your time to yourself. No one will stop you from doing self study on software in your own free time even while you are in job. While you are in the job, make sure you make your mind fully present there. Take that job seriously. Later, in your own time, take software study seriously. You can manage these two things well.

Your counsel.

10. Subject: Career after B.A. Geography

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have done B.A. Geography(hons.) from Rajasthan University with 50% marks. Now I don't want that What should I do in Geography. Now I am doing M.A. Geography but I would have to reappear. Please tell me because I don't know about my career. Thank You.

I believe you should look at following options:

  • If you are good at the subject, but some how could not score well, try your hand at teaching the subjects that you are good at. Whether private tuitions or a job.
  • If you are good at languages, try learning one foreign. Take up a travel oriented course, be it tourism, ticketing or any other. And look for a job in that line. All these have a natural extension to geography.
  • If you have aptitude towards Computers, and are good at Communication. You could try become a career counselor at a computer education center.
  • You could look at a call center job.
  • You could do a job oriented IT course and then take up a job in that line.
  • You could learn exports management.
  • You could do secretarial practice.
  • Doing higher studies at this point may not help you.

Your counsel.

11. Subject: Career after B.Com

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a student of second year B.Com and I am confused about my career, means which career to choose. So please help me out. Thanking you.

  • You have options: M.B.A., C.A., C.F.A., Banking services, civil services, GIC.
  • Now-a-days lots of people are opting for Call Center Jobs.
  • You could look at building your own small business.
  • You should aim at a particular couple of related areas and keep building on synergy.
  • If you can write to me your liking or disliking, I may be able to help you better.
  • As a general guiding factor, you should build on your language skills, general communication and personality grooming.
  • You could pick up a foreign language such as Japanese. In the coming years there will be great demand for translators and interpreters. Chinese and Korean markets are also going to be opening up in coming years. Bilingual specialist may be helpful.

Your counsel.

12. Subject: Scope of different Computer courses

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have done B.Com(hons) in 2000 from Sri Ram College of Commerce. I have passed C.S. (inter) with it too. Now I am doing M.C.A. from M.M.M.E.C. College, Gorakhpur. I would be post graduating in 2004, by then what skills should I have to enter the market. What languages, Operating System, Visual Tools If possible could you mail me a list of companies, which take freshers for the project or training. Thank you.

I think you should consider the following:

Since you have good academic back ground in commerce, a fact that you have done from S.R.C.C. tells me, finish the C.A. It is important for you and not very difficult also. Then you are doing your MCA. That will get over in 2004 and you will have to do a training before you get your degree.

Having a CA and an MCA will make you uniquely qualified for both CA professional jobs and in the job you can apply your MCA fundas to build a unique product, a software financial instrument. You can also look at jobs in IT. It is difficult to predict right now who will be taking freshers and when. In my belief, the blend, CA and MCA will help you to get in to an organization such as Reliance or multinationals.

Your counsel.

13. Subject: Complete Addresses of Commercial Pilot Training Schools in India

Dear Sir/Madam,
Kindly send the subject information at the earliest. Also send me following details if known to you.
1) Duration of the course institution wise.
2) Total Cost.
3) Admission Period.

I have gathered this information for you from the net. Hope is useful to you.

Yash Air


Yash Air
INDORE 452 001. M.P.
PHONE : 0731 433232
FAX : 0731 433240

SOME ADDRESSES For pilot training

Government Flying Training School
Jakkur Airport, Bellary Road
Bangalore - 560064 For pilot training
BATS Aviation Academy
61 Cambridge Rd, Ulsoor
Bangalore - 560 008

Taneja Aerospace
305, Mota Chambers, 9 Cunningham Road
Bangalore - 560052 For aeronautical engineering

Certificate will be awarded to all students.
Diploma will only be awarded to successful students.
All papers will have to be answered in English only.
Any false declaration by students Automatically Invalidates Diploma / Certificate.
Fees once paid will not be refunded at any cost.
Only 3 attempts permitted for passing Students failing for 3 times will have to be enroll as new student again.
All students appearing for examination must bring their Identity card.
All application forms must be submitted with 8 extra photo for issue of various Identity card and Diploma / Certificate.
All Pilot Licence will be issued by various Govt. Agencies.
Applicant must have completed 16years of age on date admission & there is no upper age limit.

All applicants must pass the Medical Examination as per D.G.C.A guidelines and from their approved Doctors only.

As course are conducted under Open Education System Minimum SSC Qualification is required with full knowledge of English in Speaking, Reading And Writing as the courses are of Aviation &Management in Nature.

Any person can join the courses at any time of the year but the Examination Schedule of D.G.C.A. will have be maintained without any Deviation for Flying Course and our Examination dates as advised from time to time.

All application must be accompanied by the prescribed fees without which admission will not be granted.


Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted with any other students except in case of Medical failure.

No Registration fees are charged.

Fees for Certificate Courses only Rs. 1,500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only).

Fees for Diploma Courses only Rs. 2,500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred only).

Postage / Courier charges for study material in India will be Rs. 200/- till the Certificate / Diploma / Licence are issued.

Postage / Courier charges for Foreign Student will be at Equivalent Rate of DHL /FEDEX /UPS Courier which will be charged at a lump sum of Rs.1,500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only).

No courier /Postage charges for students taking training on the Internet as same not applicable and is covered in the course fees (for students only).

20% discount to all Airport Employees around the world on production of Identity card copy.

20% discount to all successful students who enroll for other Certificate /Diploma Courses only.

10 hours discount for actual Flying cost from Glider Pilot Licence holders for private Pilot Licence holders for private Pilot Licence Course .

30% discount to all Airlines /IATA Approved Agency Staff in Passenger & Cargo Section any where in the World subject to recommendation from any Management Staff from Level of Duty Officer and above or Production IATA Identity Card.

50% discount to all Defence Personal all over the world for certificate / Diploma Course only.

Discounts are not applicable for Flying Courses.

Examination fees Rs.200/- for all subject and Re-Examination fees Rs.200/- per attempt maximum 3 attempts.


Certificate Courses upto 1 month.
Diploma Courses upto 6 months.
Student Pilot Licence upto 2 months.
Glider Pilot Licence upto 6 months.
Private Pilot Licence upto 6 months.
Commercial / Professional Pilot Licence from 6 months - 1 year.
Course can be completed at students pace.



Examination Center for Certificate / Diploma course will be all over the world and will be intimated to the students directly.

Examination center for Flying Pilot Courses will be as per the local D.G.C.A. Centers and as per their dates and timings.

Examination Fees will be have to deposited at least one month before the examination.


Results for Certificate / Diploma Courses will be declared within 15 days of Examination and Certificate will be issued after 15 days of results.

Results of Flying Courses will be declared by D.G.C.A. and the Institute has no control on issue of results and licence.

Passing marks 80% (B-Grade)
90% -95% (A-Grade)
96% -100% (Honours)


All course mentioned above are conducted by our Institute having expert professional approch and qualified and experienced teachers inn aviation field.

All certificate / Diploma /Flying Licence will bear students photographs and Institute Seal or D.G.C.A. seal.

All Correspondence to be address to Course Directory only.

We take no guarantee of passing and issue of Licence by the D.G.C.A. if any student is not able to satisfy them.

We agree for M1 /J1 Visa 1-20 through our affiliated Flying Institute on payment of prescribed fees and service charge but take no guarantee for issue of Visa by any consulate in India.

We also arrange our student to become members of various aviation clubs / societies subject to payment of fees by students and acceptance of their application by the concerned clubs / society.

All students enrolling for online Internet Training will be issued a password and Login ID by Fly Net.

All correspondence course material will be dispatch within 10 days of receipt of complete admission from along with the prescribed fees.

Flying Training course will start immediately from the 2nd day of competing the Medicals and will complete at the earliest by the Institute in collaboration with any Flying Club / Institute.

All flying students are insured for Rs.5 Lacs while on the training equipment Join Chat(Gliders/Aircrafts) only.


Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi was set up to bring about a quantum improvement in the standards of flying and ground training of Commercial Pilots in the country. For this the Akedemi is equipped with modern and sophisticated trainer aircraft, up-to-date audio visual training aids and other facilities for effective ground training. It is manned by highly qualified flying and ground instructors, with long experience in the field of aviation and flying training. The aim is to reduce the workload of a pilot to make him effective systems manager, the graduate reach the standards required to transit with ease on the cockpits of the airlines.

The Akedemi has excellent infrastructure with a large hostel for the pilot trainees and staff quarters. It has its own airfield equipped with basic facilities and is undoubtedly the premier institute of its kind in South Asia.


Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi,
Fursatganj Air field,
Telephone No. 0535?202096, 202097, 202808
Fax 91?535?202094

Guidelines Manual AIRCRAFT MANUAL OF INDIA, Volume I, The Aircraft Act, 1934 and Rules Made Thereunder (Revised Edition Corrected upto 31st March, 1995).

Available at DGCA Office, CAD Tech. Center, Opp. Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi-110 003.

At all Regional DAW Offices, Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta/Gauhati/Lucknow and Hyderabad

English Book Depot, Cannaught Circus, New Delhi

Today, flying is both a science and an art, a profession that must be studied in a professional academy.

Till 1985 there was no school in India to provide the finely honed flying. skills and the technical experience required by modern pilots. The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi was created to cater to this need.

A finely focussed school, the Akademi trains cadets up to the level where they are eligible for an Indian Commercial Pilots? Licence.

Our goal is to provide training of a standard acceptable anywhere in the world. To this end the Akademi continues to seek new infusions of technology and technique.

After all, in an institution which seeks to produce the best pilots in the world, the sky is the limit.

Office of Chief Ground Instructor ? to provide information pertaining to Pilot training.

Office of Chief Admn Officer ? other information.

Any other information required by the public may be sought from the Director.


The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is an institution designed to serve as a centre for excellence.

Given this directive, the standards of admittance are high. All candidates must meet the following criteria, before appearing for the written examination.

Qualifications Age limit Upper None

Minimum For SPL Not less than 16 years
For PPL Not less than 17 years
For CPL Not less than 18 years
Certificate of medical Fitness,

Issued by a Medical Board approved by the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, India.

Minimum Educational Qualification:

Senior School Certificate from the Central Board of Secondary Examinations, or an equivalent Board or University i.e. 10+2 (Physics and Mathematics essential). (Non Science students who started flying before January 1994 are also eligible).

Private Pilot?s Licence:

Must possess Indian PPL (At least 60 hours of flying experience, inclusive of 30 hours of solo flights in the last 3 years).

Foreign nationals are required to get PPL endorsed by DGCA.


The written examination is in two parts.
A general knowledge ?cum ?intelligence test.
A test on all the subjects required to obtain a PPL.
WOMBAT Test to assess aptitude for flying.


The Akademi offers both a CPL course and a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence.


Number of course: Two (January and July sessions)

Number of students per course: 20

Duration of a course: 18 months.

Medical Examination (For Commencing Training for CPL)

AFCME, Subrato Park,
New Delhi - 110010

CEM, Institute of Aerospace Medicine,
Bangalore - 560017


Number of students per course: 10
Duration of course:

6 months (Candidates with under 500 hours as pilot-in-command):
12 months (Candidates with under 500 hours as pilot-in-command).
Minimum qualification: CPL Licence.
Other Information

The course is taken on Robinson R-22B helicopters.

Student with over 500 hours? pilot-in-command experience will receive 40 hours? flight time.

Students with less than 500 hours? pilot-in-command experience will receives 100 hours flying time.

In addition, 40 hours of ground instruction is required.
RTR Government of India, Ministry of Communications, Wireless planning and Co-ordination, New Delhi.
FRTO- Provisional written exam by DGCA Flight Radio Operator?s Licence.


Multi-Engine Endorsement Course.
Instrument Rating course.
Simulator Training Course.
Standardisation Course for Chief Fling Instructor Pilot Instructor Pilot In-charge of Flying Clubs.

Ground Training Course for Assistant Pilot Instructor (A) to Flight Instructor Rating (A). All courses offered by the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi follow the guidelines laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India.


The first stage of the CPL course takes place on the Trinidad TB-20, a single piston engine, variable pitch, retractable under-carriage aircraft, equipped with advanced instruments. 655 hours of Ground Subjects Training firms up the basic knowledge on aviation subjects.

This combined with 20 hours on a Flight Simulator, conveying basic instrumental flying tracking approach and touch-down procedures followed by 172 hours of flying time.


The second part of the course is on the King Air C-90A, a Twin-engined, turbo-prop aircraft.

This is supported by 20 hours training on the C-90A/B200 Simulator, followed by 20 hours of flying time.

In addition, ground instruction of 60 hours is imparted and the student is fully prepared for Line Oriented Flying.

In both Stage I and Stage II, Simulator training is imparted before commencing flights, as well as concurrently with flying training. Experience across the world suggests that this is the ideal method.


Fursatganj, the home of the Akademi, meets every criterion for an aviation institute. It enjoys clear, non-foggy weather through most of the year. Equally important, it is away from the crowded skies used by regular commercial aircraft.

All our chosen aircraft-the Kind Air C-90A, the Trinidad TB-20, and the Robinson R-22B are ideally suited for both cross-country flying and instrument flying. Presently there are two King Air C-90A, 12 Trinidad TB-20 and two Robinson R-22B Helicopter.

Solo flights are encouraged especially in the more advanced stages of the course.

Students thus obtain an all around training in every fact of modern aeroplane technology including multiengine endorsement and an instrument rating.


In keeping with the do it yourself spirit of the pioneering aviators, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi insists on training in every aspect of aviation.

Fursatganj airfield, at the exclusive disposal of the Akademi, aids in the fulfilment of this aim.

Students are fully trained in traffic ATS control, basic meteorology radio, navigation, and maintenance support services at the Akademi?s own spacious and superbly equipped workshop.

Practical training on all aspects of aircraft design is given at our specially designed wind tunnel.

The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi also boasts of a fine library, with books offering comprehensive information on every aspect of aviation.

Training Facilities

There are nearly 26 Flying Clubs/Govt. Flying Training Institutes in the Country.

In keeping with the do it yourself spirit of the pioneering aviators, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi insists on training in every aspect of aviation.

Fursatganj airfield, at the exclusive disposal of the Akademi, aids in the fulfilment of this aim.

Students are fully trained in traffic ATS control, basic meteorology radio, navigation, and maintenance support services at the Akademi?s own spacious and superbly equipped workshop.

Practical training on all aspects of aircraft design is given at our specially designed wind tunnel.

The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi also boasts of a fine library, with books offering comprehensive information on every aspect of aviation.

Training Facilities

There are nearly 26 Flying Clubs/Govt. Flying Training Institutes in the Country.


1. The Manager
Amritsar Aviation Club
Civil Aerodrome
Amritsar (Punjab)

2. The Secretary
Andhra Pradesh Flying Club
Hyderabad Airport
Hyderabad (A.P.) 500 011

3. The Administrator
Bihar Flying Institute
Patna Airport

4. The Honorary Secretary
Bahasthali Vidyapith Gliding and Flying Club,

5. The Honorary Secretary
Coimbatore Flying Club Ltd.
Civil Aerodrome

6. The Honorary Secretary
Bombay Flying Club Ltd.
Juhu Aerodrome, Santacruz (W),

7. The Administrative Officer
Flying Training Institute
Govt. of West Bengal,

8. The Honarary Secretary
Delhi Flying Club Limited
Safdarjung Airport,

9. The Honorary Secretary
Gujrat Flying Club,
Civil Aerodrome, Harni Road,

10. The Principal
Govt. of Flying Training Institute,
Jakur Aerodrome,

11. The Honorary Secretary
Nagpur Flying Club,
Sonegaon Aerodrome

12. The Manager,
Udan Research & Flying Institute Pvt. Limited, 126, Kanchan Bagh,

13. The Administrative Officer
Kerala Aviation Training Centre,
Civil Aerodrome, Pettah,

14. The Manager,
Ludhiana Aviation Club,
Civil Aerodrome, Sahnewal P.O.,

15. The Honorary Secretary,
Northern India Flying Club,
Civil Aerodrome

16. The Chief Flight Instructor,
Hissar Aviation Club,
Civil Aerodrome,

17. The Honorary Secretary,
Madhya Pradesh Flying Club Ltd.,
Civil Aerodrome,
INDORE ? 452 005

18. The Director,
Govt. Flying Training Institute,
Civil Aerodrome

19. The Manager,
Pinjore Aviation Club,

20. The Principal,
Rajasthan Flying Training School,
Sanger Airport, JAIPUR (Rajasthan).

21. The Govt. Aviation Officer,
Orissa Govt. Flying Training Institute,
Civil Aerodrome,

22. The Manager,
Patiala Aviation Club,
Civil Aerodrome,

23. The Honorary Secretary,
Assam Flying Club,
Civil Aerodrome,

24. The Honorary Secretary,
Madras Flying Club Ltd.
Civil Aerodrome, Madras Airport,

25. The Resident,
Jamshedpur Co-operative
Flying Club, Ltd.,
Sonari Aerodrome,

26. The Manager,
Karnal Aviation Club,



Fixed Wing
High Subsidy 5 Lakhs
Low Subsidy 10 Lakhs
Rotary Wing (Helicopter)
will be reviewed on commencement of training
For Pilots having more than 500 hours as Pilot-in-Command 1,60,000/-

Boarding & Lodging (per month approx.) 2500/-
Uniform 5000/-


TB-20 Aircraft: Rs. 7000/- per hour of flying time and Rs. 1500/- per hour of simulator time.

King Air C-90A: Rs. 22,000/- per hour of flying time and Rs. 5,000/- per hour of simulator time.



Rs. 2,00,000/- to SC/ST candidates on Training fee.
Additional Rs. 2,00,000/- by IGRUA to three SC/ST candidates per batch by selection on merit cum means basis.


Two scholarships each for Rs. 4,00,000/- given on merit-cum-means basis per batch.


Two scholarships each for Rs. 4,00,000/- given on merit-cum-means basis per batch.


For two Women Pilots on merit-cum-means to the extent of Rs. 3,00,000/- each per batch.


For four students of amount not less than Rs. 1,00,000/- on merit-cum-means basis.


The course of study offered by the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is rigorous even by global standards.

The discipline demanded by the Academia as a matter of course during teach hours extends to off duty hours too.

However, we do make provision, to make our students feel at home, not least our foreign students.

Since all courses are residential, the Akademi has a modern 80 room hostel. This ensures that each student has a large degree of privacy with a room of his/her own.

In addition, there are extensive recreational and sporting facilities, including badminton courts, a football (soccer) and cricket grounds.

Life at the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is taught, but several of our alumni can testify that it is extremely fulfilling.


Pilot?s Aptitude Test:

Students desirous of choosing flying as a career could be assessed for their aptitude. The Akademi has installed the latest sophisticated computer based WOMBAT equipment, the best in South Asia. A test without any preparation of lengthy texts is conducted and the printed result is provided.

Duration: 1 Working day.
Fees: Rs. 1000/-
Apply on plain paper for Appointment




Subject:- Prospectus for Admission to the Commercial Pilot?s Licence Course.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference is made to your letter dated _______ . The following is for your information:
AGE: No Upper age limit


Should have passed Class Ten Plus Two (10+2) or an equivalent Examination with Physics and Mathematics from a recognised Board/University. Those applicants, who have passed class Ten Plus Two (10+2) with any combination of subjects, but were enrolled for flying training on or before 01.01.94 with flying clubs or institutions, are also eligible for admission.


Must hold a valid Indian Private Pilot?s Licence with a minimum of 60 hrs. flying experience inclusive of 30 hrs. as Pilot-in-command in the preceding three years.


Must hold a certificate of medical fitness for the initial issue of CPL issued by Air Force, Central Medical Establishment (AFCME) Subroto Park, New Delhi or Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) near Bangalore. Must have a normal EEG.

Prospective candidates who do not hold a Private Pilot?s Licence are required to acquire the necessary flying experience at one of the Flying clubs in the Country. Details of PPL training, expenses (procedure for obtaining Private Pilot?s Licence at flying clubs etc. can be obtained directly from any of the flying clubs in India.


A written competitive examination is held at this Akademi in the following subjects:

Air Regulation, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology and Aircraft and Engine (General) as per the Syllabus and standard required for obtaining a Private Pilot?s Licence.

Intelligence/Reasoning Test.

Short listed candidates after the Written Test will be tested on WOMBAT APTITUDE TEST & INTERVIEWED by a selection board, Final selection will be from amongst the short listed candidates based on performance in the written test, aptitude test & interview in their order of merit.

TRAINING FEE: Subsidised Training (Tuition) Fee:

Rs.5.00 lakhs (Rs.2.50 lakhs for SC/ST candidates).

Non Subsidised Training Fee Rs.10,000.00/-

The above tuition fees are subject to review from time to time. The fee is payable in four equal quarterly installments. In addition Rs.10,000/- as refundable security deposit and Rs.5,500/- for uniform are to be paid along with the first installment of training fee at the time of joining. Some Nationalised Banks Grant Educational Loans the details of which can be obtained directly from such banks.

Duration of Training : 18 months


Two scholarships each from Air India & Indian Airlines are awarded on merit-cum-means basis per year;

JRD Tata Trust offers Rs. 10 lacs per year to trainees as decided by their Board of Directors.

Some State Governmen award scholarships to SC/ST candidates for training at IGRUA. Eligible candidates may approach the respective State SC/ST Welfare Directorate for the same.

BOARDING & LODGING: It is mandatory for the students to stay in the Akademi Hostel. Monthly charges would be Rs. 400/- as room rent on twin sharing basis and Rs.1,800/- approximately as messing charges (Rates may be revised). 5 months advance payment is to be made for boarding and lodging with each installment. Boys and Girls are provided separate accommodation.

NUMBER OF VACANCY ON THE COURSE: Normally 20 students are taken in each CPL Course

SCHEDULE OF COURSE: The next course is scheduled to commence on _______Advertisement is placed on in the leading National Newspapers in India and employment news approximately three months prior to the commencement of the course. A copy of the advertisement is also sent to all flying clubs for the information of all trainees.

MISCELLANEOUS: We get lot of queries from students for admission to this Akademi, who have done 10+2 with Physics and Maths but are without any flying experience. They are advised to read para 2 of this Leaflet carefully for first obtaining Private Pilot?s Licence.

(for chief ground instructor)

NB: All the above information may be changed at short notice at the discretion of the Akademi.

Your counsel.

14. Subject: MBA in H.R.M. in Australia or U.K.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am the student of the final year Information Technology Engineering. I want to do P.G. in H.R.M. either in U.K. or in Australia. How's the scope of doing that after being engineer abroad? How should I proceed for that. Can you suggest me the way out? Universities, expense, and process? Thanks.

Your idea is very encouraging. HR concepts taught abroad! Wow.
I feel if you can afford an opportunity, grab it. It will put you on a different platform all together.

Your counsel.

15. Subject: Want to know about Visual Merchandising?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am an Interior Designer by profession and worked for three years in this field. But I've realised that I'm more interested in the creative part of it and not execution of the same. I'm more interested in creative visualization for example window display, set designing, stage decoration conceptualisation of events, giving themes, effective backdrops etc. Is there any specific course related in this area? And if there is what is the scope of work? I'm thinking to take up event management course, do you think it will help? Please guide me how should I proceed. I'm in total confused state. Thanking you.

You have to put down the reasons for choosing a shift. In fact, interior designing is more of 'Living" rather than abstractness in some computer or some one's head.

Is it because the customers are sticky? And you are finding the execution difficult because of similar distractions?

If so, reason with yourself and convince yourself on two things: Customer has to say some thing. She will not be happy always. Reason is the poor manifestation of ideas in the mind and poor capability to convert in to reality, however communicative we may be ourselves. You do not get the exact color, luster, size, finish as desired, for want of workmanship, material etc.

What is required by you is higher process orientation. More documentation. Detailed specifications. This will remove ambiguities.

Try this out. I am sure you will be happier.

Do not try to remain away from the customer. Concepts without implementation has little meaning. I have once written the following lines:

It is men with implemented ideas who make the difference.

Your counsel.

16 Subject: Job in Biotechnology

Dear Sir/Madam,
Presently I am in 2nd year M.Sc (Biotechnology) under Bangalore University. What are the job prospects after completing my course. Shall I be eligible for the post of research and development in the multinational company. What are the basic criteria for that? Please give me advice.

Biotechnology is an upcoming field but it will make a better sense to do computers along with. The computer and biotechnology is the combination that will be in demand, so it seems today and many are talking about it.

Your counsel.

17. Subject: MBA in abroad?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm Kumar. Doing my B.E.(Mech.) third year. I would like to do MBA in abroad after my B.E. course. Is it possible for me to do M.B.A. in states, after all I'm an middle class man ? Please tell me what's the scope for M.B.A. in states. Actually I was totally confused in doing my higher studies. Can you please tell me a correct path for a bright future.

Studying abroad is not easy. It costs a lot of money. Only few get scholarships and subsidies. Since you have little means you will have to work hard to get good scores in the various qualifying exams. Be prepared to take up jobs while you study there. In the mean while, you could start taking tutions and save the earned money to part finance your trip.

Your counsel.

18. Subject: Job Opportunities in India after Diploma in abroad

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a student from India currently studying in Canada. I am doing Diploma in mechanical engineering technology through Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. The program is 2 years long. I have just started and I am in Semester one of year one. I would like to know the job opportunities available in India after getting my diploma. Thank you.

You should aim at settling in Canada. There is dearth of manpower there and they encourage immigration. Having stayed in that country, coming back to India and working as a diploma engineer will frustrate you. Diploma holders are treated lower than engineers and get a lower start and promotions are also at a separate pace. Even job content, levels etc are lower. The foreign returned stamp matters very less now a days. If you have strong family ties it will be better to take family members too with you at appropriate point in time.

Your counsel.

19. Subject: Career Opportunities for CISA ( Course on Information and Systems Audit)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am an aspiring Chartered Accountant and I am appearing for the Final examination this November. I am just planning to do my course on Information and Systems Audit (shortly known as CISA). Kindly can you please let me know on the career Opportunities and pay package for the same in the job market. I know that I am going out of your way in asking a clarification in this regard but I would be extremely thankful to you if you can help me in this regard so that I could decide on whether I can do the course. Expecting a reply from you. Thank you.

Most jobs like to determine the basic qualifications. Courses are more of tie breakers when it comes to selection between equivalent candidates. It is more useful to train your self on communication and build cross cultural adaptability in your self.

When it comes to hiring a fresh person, whichever profession, what is seen first is conceptual clarity, a 'will do' attitude and a 'can do' approach. Good knowledge of international accounting systems will help you to have an edge. In today's global operations, companies will prefer people who have good understanding of international rules, regulations, procedures and requirements. Such knowledge will enhance pay packages.

Your counsel.

20. Subject: Struggle to find a job

Dear Sir/Madam,
I had completed my B.E. in Computer Science in the year 2001. I had a job. But the job did not suit me. I was frustrated due to several facts. Most important is that the job had nothing to do with computer science. It was a telecommunication job. Due to intense frustration I could not continue the job and consequently had left it. Now I struggling to find a good job. Can you guide me?

If you had asked me earlier I would have suggested ways to look for some thing different in your own company. In fact, this is one of the important job of HR making the objectives of individuals match with company objectives. For now you will have to keep patience. The job market will be tougher for the less experienced.

Your counsel.

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Rakesh Nayar is an MBA from FMS Delhi and has specialized in HRM. He is post graduate in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. He has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has gained valuable experience and specialization in Human resource and related areas. He has worked for various companies like Shriram Group, Riverrun Software Group etc. Rakesh Nayar has recently ventured into his own Human Resouces and Management Consulting company.

Pradeep Kumar, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, is a well-known name in the areas of human resources. He has won various awards in the areas of human resource management. His management articles regularly appear in top Indian journals and magazines.

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