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  1. Future prospects of graduation in Education honors and possibility of MBA after this
  2. About higher studies in abroad after B.E. in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Job prospects of a post graduate in Microbiology?
  4. Opportunities for Veterinary Post Graduate?
  5. Best either YMCA or the Delhi school of Communication for Media studies?
  6. Doing 12 with maths after graduating is valid to get admission for MCA and Career after doing MCA?
  7. Difference between M.A. and M.Sc(Maths)?
  8. Business Studies, Business Management without maths at the XII standard
  9. M.B.A. from Distance Education Universities
  10. Information about search job as a fresher
  11. What after B.Sc Maths(hons) from Delhi University?

1. Subject: Future prospects of graduation in Education honors and possibility of MBA after this.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am studying in first year of a very reputed college in Kolkata doing Education honors. It would be very kind of you if you could please tell me the future prospects of my subject. I have a combination of Psychology, English and Education as my subjects. Also tell me whether I can do MBA or not with this combination. Thank you.

Educating people is a very important yet difficult task. So many children end up dropping school. Many due to broken families and not because of their lesser gray matter. You have psychology and English. This is a very good combination with education. Please specialize in child development. You may specialize in in children with special needs. Alternatively you may consider Adult education too. But being with children is a good life time profession.

Your counsel.

2. Subject: About higher studies in abroad after B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am doing my B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. I want to do my higher studies in abroad. Please guide about a master degree which is of high scope & in which country shall I choose & also guide about the exams we should give for it and also about the way of exams. Thank you.

Three facts:

Scope for English speaking people is in English speaking countries. Education abroad is not cheap. Once you are back, there will be a raised expectation in terms of returns from a job. The way the industry is, the capacity to pay and number of job openings are only shrinking.
Therefore, in my opinion, try to get in to a job right now and take up a correspondence course from Rookie or Pilani or else where it suits you or where you could get in to. You are a mechanical engineer and fear not of dirtying your hands in oil slick. This is one discipline where vacancies shall be most.
Now, how to compete with others in a job?
Improve your communication skills. Take up a professional coaching. Write to us for more details.

Your counsel.

3. Subject: Job prospects of a post graduate in Microbiology?

Dear Sir/Madam,
What are the job prospects of a post graduate in Microbiology. Thank you.

Research, Technician. In Labs, Pharmaceutical companies, Universities.

Your counsel.

4. Subject: Opportunities for Veterinary Post Graduate?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Veterinary post graduate student with the specialization in Gynecology. What are the appropriate job openings for my qualification? Now I am doing computer courses on molecular analysis in a private institute, so please help in searching a right career. Thank you.

The roots of the profession you have chosen lie in farms and Vet hospitals and attached large dairies. Zoos also use services of professionals of your field. You can use Yellow Pages to find out addresses. Your institute will also have many contacts. Menaka Gandhi is also closely associated with such places and you may like to approach her. You may also search the web for opportunities in India and abroad. Search for 'animal lovers'. Search for Vetenerary sciences institutes in India, Malasia, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Newzealand. They would generally have a placement or a careers link. You may also look at reconstruction of Afghanistan and address your mail to Economic Reconstruction in Afghanistan Andrew Natsios, USAID Administrator Address at Georgetown University Washington, DC.

Your counsel.

5. Subject: Best either YMCA or the Delhi school of Communication for Media studies?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I just want to know which one is the better either YMCA or the Delhi school of Communication for Media studies. Thank you.

I guess you need to review your approach. If you are asking, why limit to these two institutes only?
I would suggest you should take a paper and jot down issues of importance such as: Faculty, Premises, Equipment, Selection criteria, Location, Faculty - Student ratio, and so on. Then go and meet some students and faculty and try and assess their quality: Seriousness about studies, life in general etc. Go and look at the library. Checkout if you see some aspects that are 'environment friendly' as talking only does not deliver results. Ask what projects the students do. Pose as if you are doing a project, which you are, and get information and analyze for yourself which institute is better. If all this is a hassle, toss a coin and chose.

Your counsel.

6. Subject: Doing 12 with maths after graduating is valid to get admission for MCA and Career after doing MCA?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have done my graduation in commerce and I have not taken maths at +2 but I am now interested in doing MCA for that now I am planning to give +2 with maths. But it will waste my time in doing +2 with maths, so I wanted to know that doing +2 with maths after graduating is valid to get admission for MCA and also the scope after MCA. Thank you.

Well MCA opens doors to software area, but in limited areas for a commerce person. The requirement of the MCA course is Xii with Maths. Its possible your way.

But you need to rationalize: Is it worth the effort and time? I would suggest that you should check up with local college first whether the way you plan is right and acceptable. They may not have a written rule too. As I read the min requirements from prospectus, it just says 12th with maths + Graduation. It is silent on that 12th should be before graduation. If all is fine, go for it. But take Tuition help. Remember Groups do only solving of papers and questions. You do not have the grounding. So you will have to do 11th maths also. Take a home tuition, one for 11th first and then for 12th.

Meanwhile, I would say you should study for MBA entrances also. Do not watch movies or TV. Read newspapers editorials only for analysis of news. Do not waste time reading the third page news. Keep focus. You have little time, utilize best. All universities hold entrance tests. Check dates now.

Your counsel.

7. Subject: Difference between M.A. and M.Sc(Maths)?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have done B.E. Electronics and I want to pursue some post graduation degree in maths, externally, without quitting job. I have been told by Pune university that I can not do M.Sc Maths externally since I haven't done B.Sc maths. But they say I can do M.A. Maths externally. I would like to know the difference between M.A.(Maths) and M.Sc(Maths) since the Pune University web site indicates same structure, syllabi for both. Also both are considered eligible for Ph.D. So what is the difference between both the courses? Thank you.

Interesting question. The root lies at Graduation level. There is a B.Sc(H) Maths and a B.A. Maths. The difference will be brought out in the following:

Say, for example, in Delhi University, for B.Sc Maths one will have to take 18 papers. In addition: English, History of Science and Scientific Methods, Physics and Chemistry are to be taken over three years, while in B.A. Maths there are 10 papers and English, and Hindi or other languages as Bengali or Sindhi, Panjabi and Economics and Philosophy.

As far as Pune University external course limited to M.A. Maths is perhaps because again subjects such as Physics and chemistry require practical experiments, which is very difficult to monitor or standardize 'externally'.

Your counsel.

8. Subject: Business Studies, Business Management without maths at the XII standard

Dear Sir/Madam,
Is it necessary to have maths at the XII standard. My daughter has taken Commerce with Computer Science and she want to go into the management stream so what are her options left? She is a Canadian citizen settled in India, and I am interested in sending her to U.K. for Undergraduate and post graduate studies. Thank you.

Many Indian degrees are not recognized in western countries and the students again have to pass local exams. Without maths, even in India the scope is limited. Since your daughter is Canadian citizen, it will be useful if she does course from abroad. It will be less painful.

Your counsel.

9. Subject: M.B.A. from Distance Education Universities

Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm working as Systems Manager in German MNC for the last 10 years. I want to pursue M.B.A. through distance education. I'm confused whether M.B.A. from distance education Universities like Madurai/Manipal have market acceptability. Please suggest. Thank you.

)All Indian distance education programs have the same image. Since you are in I.T. and attached to an MNC, you would have means and also affordability. It would make sense for you if you register yourself with some foreign Univ. It will carry more name and weight.

Your counsel.

10. Subject: Information about search job as a fresher

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Ramesh doing M.E.(CAD/CAM) in CITD, Hyderabad (India) which is one of premier institution in India. I like to know how to get job in my field as fresher in this world. Thank you.

Ways to search for a job for a fresher is the same in all fields:

  • Go through the placement cell records. Find out which companies have been coming to the campus in the past. Say look at 2-3-4 years back. Even if they are not planning a campus visit, send in your resume to the HR. Call them up from placement cells coordinators chair.
  • Look at the larger industries and send your resume to them. But your resume should look impressive. Please see my article on careerage site for suggestions on improving your resume.
  • Place your resume on popular web sites.
  • Search for companies that may have advertised for positions in your field, currently and in the past. Send your resume. Remember, your USP: That you can do some marvel for the employer. You are not, (not in a position, where you say), "Dear Sir, I beg to ..."

Your counsel.

11. Subject: What after B.Sc Maths(hons) from Delhi University?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a first year student of st.stephens college doing maths hons. and I am really confused that what should I do after my graduation. Thank you.

Several routes are possible: (order is just by chance and not by merit)

You can look at computers. Do M.C.A. after graduation and jump in that field. You may look at post graduating in Maths and taking it up to Ph.D. and doing research in the field and teaching, here or abroad. You may look up to doing your M.B.A. after the graduation. Or getting in to jobs right after graduation taking the central services way, Banking, Insurance and so on.

Since you are going to do all science subjects, you may want to reconsider doing Engineering/Architecture/Design right after the first year? Remember, there is a lot of good teaching beyond I.I.T.s. I have seen most non-IITians to be successful too.

Frankly, you should discover what you are naturally good at. Take your career towards that side. You must be good in all subjects for you to get marks that catapulted you in to Stephens. Maths is a dry subject at times, no doubt. Yet scope is large for a bubbling personality.

Your counsel.

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Pradeep Kumar, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, is a well-known name in the areas of human resources. He has won various awards in the areas of human resource management. His management articles regularly appear in top Indian journals and magazines.

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