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Relevance of HR in today's IT Industry

HR role is fast changing in an IT Company. Its position is changing. In this column I will not touch the mundane roles of HR, which are there any way, but those ones that are emerging and also the new ones.

The emerging role that I see of HR is in training of people for developing the right attitude towards quality. Taking lead in helping quality obtain its rightful position within the organization structure. Which route, how and why, all will have to emerge only from within the organization. Read Article


Typical issues in IT pertaining to HR

Typically and generally the software engineers are more concerned types. More concerned with broader organizational issues than perhaps employees of other industries for such issues. In addition to the issues that impacts them directly. This makes managing the IT Company a bigger challenge for management than managing other industries. This challenge is of a unique kind. The uniqueness can be assessed by knowing and understanding some of the peculiarly typical issues faced by the IT industry management Read Article


Building Successful Small Organization

Be convinced of the line of business that you want to be in and be sure you understand the subject well or have an unending love for it or you have an experience in the line.

Give a good thought on what you visualize the end product organization/business to be. Be able to see as of today what your organization will be after some time. Let other key personnel assist you clarify haziness.

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Employee Retention - A big Challenge

Today perhaps no other Industry is more people dependent than the IT industry. And the role of IT is increasing at increasing pace. Movies. Products. Every where. The reason is that marketing efforts try to differentiate the same or similar equipment, merchandise or whatever, by adding features of automation, artificial intelligence and knowledge. Thus the role of Microprocessing and automation is increasing. Role of IT is increasing. More and more equipment getting more and more intelligent. More and more of information being exchanged over more and more corners of the world, putting load on increasing bandwidth and using more of the broad band.

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