Building Successful Small Organization

Building Sucessful Small Organization

Be convinced of the line of business that you want to be in and be sure you understand the subject well or have an unending love for it or you have an experience in the line.

Give a good thought on what you visualize the end product organization/business to be. Be able to see as of today what your organization will be after some time. Let other key personnel assist you clarify haziness.

Look in to what monies you can pitch in. Believe me, if you are doing what you like, you will have a tendency to put in your last penny too. This tendency needs to be counterbalanced with some other source of survival and earning to meet self / family commitments, for if the venture collapses, you don't. If you don't, you can always make a comeback. Otherwise, there is none.

Do not get swayed by the fact that there are others already in the field that you are contemplating to be in. Work on your model with honesty and keeping in mind that there is no shortcut to success. Remember that there are brand switchers. There are new customers always. People are looking at avenues where they can get the best value for their money. And people are becoming more conscious of such avenues, over the web, and otherwise. Quality is what sells.

Make an honest estimate of what customer is looking at. Formalize how you aim to satiate it better. Think differently. Do differently. Manage perceptions of your product or service well. You not only need to do things well, but appear to do them well too.

Choose your team well. Take your time to hone it up. Bring in the people with right attitude. Skills come thereafter. Weed out the ones who: are impediments to growth, spoil the atmosphere, spread lethargy, do not exhibit energy and enthusiasm, and are unable to visualize the vision. People who like to work quietly but value teamwork. People who soft-pedal criticism but bring in direction and sense by applying themselves towards the goals. People who have a habit of appreciating others work. Avoid people who ask questions for sake of asking and never back up with answers and neither appreciate the answers that they get for their questions.

Produce the service or goods of quality planned for. Deliver. Take feedback. Work on strengths. Understand the weaknesses. It is not easy to remove all the weaknesses, because if that were true, they would not be there. Work on and grow your strengths. Weaknesses will weaken relatively automatically.

Energy is the password to success. Energy raises enthusiasm. And that is infectious. It makes others enthusiastic. Together, they start growing exponentially.

Many suffer from scare of heights. Many others think they are really not that capable. That scares them and quickly they plummet downwards. The slide! Understand one little fact. At height, you have gained energy without your knowing. Perceive that kinetic energy. Believe me! It is a reality. Be convinced you deserve to be there. Change the way you look at yourself. Remember the past only to that extent that it helps you differentiate from what you are today and what you were. Be sure you have arrived for you were competent. Know your strengths. Work on making them stronger. Identify those who provide strength or thought for strength to the organization. Make them your key partners. Bind them through your relationship management skills.

Enhance your own role! As Chief of the organization, keep with you all the roles and reigns that you want. Or delegate them! Give time to others to assume the role, and then, perform. Independence pays. It motivates people. What you need to keep with you and never delegate is Relationship Management. Just remember, people respect those thin threads more that any other material or non-material thing. Never, never hurt any one. How so ever insignificant. Nor use any words that you may have to eat. Always remember the world is small, and with IT, becoming smaller. Fast.

Recognize and Reward the efforts. Go slightly overboard recognizing achievements. Remember, it is a tough world every one is facing in their tasks as you may be. It is not a cakewalk for each one and yet, they are walking and achieving. Small steps cover up all the distance that you want to cover. Sense of urgency will make every one walk brisker. Speed is not the right signal. Velocity is. That will make the difference.

Establish systems that lay down what employee is supposed to do. Clarify the roles. Delegate and encourage empowerment. Provide regular feedback to avoid last minute surprises. Train the appraiser to appraise performance, recognize delivery, commitment and efforts, with an eye on results and help people to achieve their potential.

Keep pumping for growth. Growth brings in stability in people as they also can grow. And no growing person will leave the company. The laggards will any way be left behind or left out from the fruits of the growth. They will themselves leave.

Sustain lead. Identify organizations' strengths and weaknesses. Look for business opportunities. Study threats both outside and within. Patent what gives you technology edge. Hone the processes, maintain and boost quality, not quality initiatives alone. Only look ahead. Looking back does not help. Some bit of luck and you would find that you have arrived!

Rakesh Nayar
A HR Professional

Career Counseling
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