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CareerAge the premier site for providing guidance towards career building and support, provides membership to corporates who are either in search for suitable candidates or simply wants to enhance their visibility in the job market to attract the best of the lot.

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By becoming a member of CareerAge, corporates can draw various benefits like:

  • Advertise for Job openings, in a special section Jobs Bazaar

    Companies can post their job adverisements on CareerAge at a reasonable cost to attract the attention of lakhs of site visitors. The job advertisement can be changed unlimited number of times during the membership period. This can significantly reduce the hiring cost.

  • Image building through Corporate Profile section

    An ideal oppportunity of building corporate image in the job market. Companies can publish their own customised company profile, presented by them, the way they want to, including their own logo and graphics. Companies will also get listed as our esteemed Corporate customer with their logo and will get an opportunity to participate in our corporate surveys.

  • Advertisement Banners

    Companies can place their graphical or text advertisment banners on our site with links to their job advertisement or website. These banners can be posted at various different target locations to seek more visibility from the relevant people.

  • Talent Search

    Companies can get access to the huge resume database of prospective employees available on our site, with the facility to search for relevant candidates based on experience and skills. Companies can also go ahead and contact these candidates directly from the site via e-mail.

  • Human Resource consultancy

    Companies who need expert advice in the area of Human Resources may contact us to seek advice by experts.

  • Corporate Membership

    Any combination of all the above services, packaged together attractively.

You can get more details of various services advertising page.

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