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Pricing - Free Pricing (You decide what it should be)

CampusAge has following components:

  • Dynamic Campus Placement Portal - Priced per Student
  • Hosting of your Campus Placement on - Priced per Institute
  • Employability Assessment - Priced per Student
  • Active promotion of Institute Placement and Internship for Employment - Priced per Institute
You have the flexibility and freedom to price each component based on the perceived value to you.

How does it work?

Talk to us to setup Pilot for your Institute, let us know what is the perceived value for your Institute, Students and the Placement Office and what would you like to pay for it. We agree to it, as long as it is reasonable.

Talk to us at +91-120-2401514/16, +91-9810069056
Send us an Email at: to get started.

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