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1. Custom Officer after B.Com (Tourism)
Sir i am a tourism student studying in christ university. My question is can a B.COM TOURISM student become a custom officer??? if yes sir can you tell me the procedures an the admissions procedure how to do... an let me know should i do any additional course for it... Thanking you..
2. Bioinformatics
what is bio-informatics? what are the colleges offering the course? is that a valuable study
3. Completed B.A & B.Ed. Interested in Jewelery Design
Please let me know which private courses are suitable as per my education. I am looking to go for Jewelery Designing. Whether there is carrier in it? Waiting for your valuable reply. Otherwise please suggest another course.
4. Admission to M.Tech after M.Sc.(IT)
can take admission directly in after Msc(it)
5. I want know should i complete my from IGNOU?
I am doing my and i am unable to complete n now i am confused what to take up should i continue or what do i do?
6. Science maths
I am appear for class 12th. I'm not interested in physics and chemistry just interested in maths. I'm also intrested in computers.what are my career options
7. How can I become a Cryptanalyst?
My ambition is to become a cryptanalyst. I finished my B.E computer science in 2009. But now i working in a KPO. I was strong in maths and computer science. I am willing to enter in cryptology field. But i didn't know the way to study cryptology. Is any courses available in chennai to study for this only? Please provide some guidelines to enter into this field...
8. about Future prospects in Biology
I am interested in Biology. but i am belonging from middle class family. which course choose pls. guide me
I hav just appeared ofr my class 12th borads from C.B.S.E taking commerce as my stream....i m totally confused where to aproach...i hav registerted for cpt(c.a)n foundation of (c.s)i dont know whether i wil be able to cope up or now..i have huge interest in accountancy...some suggesting for mba,some for cfa..what to do really???
10. Options for PCB?
sir I am passing in 12th from P.C.B. so what i can do after this? i m not interstsd in doctoring.


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