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1. MCA
is it good choice to do MCA after B.Com.?
2. Marathi
Which are the courses for BA Degree with Marathi
3. Teaching
I am prakhar dwivedi. My qualification is am i eligible for teaching career or what else i have to do so?
4. What can you do with a B.Ed?
Hi. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have a BEd in elementary education. Given the bleak employment situation at the moment, I am considering a career cahnge. What kind of work should I persue with a Bachelor of Education?
5. Career options after B.M.S.
I wanted to know various options available for me after my graduation(B.M.S) and also various options in MBA.
6. GRE
What is GRE?
7. Change stream
Hi, This is Sahir from Assam, done my 10th in the yr 1995, 12th 1997 but of late the graduation was completed in 2006 due to some financial issue from Delhi university correspondence college, I started my sales career in the year 2002 (hardcore sales and marketing)i was also in emirates for two yrs working in a bank,,due to market recession i had to come back, now I'm willing to shift myself totally from sales n marketing to management level
8. Career Options after BA?
which career options are available after completing BA?
9. Want to be a Career Counselor
I want to be a Career Counselor
10. Scope of tool engineering.
My daughter is doing tool engineering from Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering - IP University. She is in her final year. she wants to work for 1-2 years before doing MBA. what her her job prospects in this area? As a girl, where can she expect to get a job and in which company? kindly advise as i am slightly tense. Thank you


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