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Subject: Career in Creative fields like Interior Design and Acting.
Date: 16-Nov-2011
Question: I would like to pursue my career in creative fields rather than technical fields. I have a great interest in Interior Designing as well as in acting. Is there is a great future in this? please tell.

Both are the different field and both have great and many career opportunities in India and abroad.

Interior Designing

Designing is the blend of artistic talents and creativity. It takes careful planning to give a room a pulled-together and coordinated look. Interior designers are the experts in this area and can draw on their experience and training.

Career Prospects: Employment opportunities for interior designing professionals are great in India. Graduate from interior design courses can find gainful employment with independent architects or in large architectural firms, building contractors, hotels and resorts. Professionals may also find work in theaters and exhibition organizing companies, private design consultancy firms.

Institution & Universities:

  1. National intitute of design(NID)
  2. Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology
  3. Apeejay Institute of Design
  4. Institute of Environmental Design
  5. National Institute of Fashion Design
  6. Arch Academy of Design
  7. JJ School of Arts
  8. School of Interior Design
  9. College of Arts and Design
  10. Karavali College School of Interior Design
  11. ShreeDevi College of Interior Design

Remuneration: Starting Salary for fresher is between 10,000-15,000. But is also depend on candidate knowledge and Qualification. After 4-5 yr experience your salary is more than 1,00,000 per month.

Positive/Negatives in career in Interior Designing: If you are graduate of interior designing, you can start your career by opening up your own design business or own office. The advantages of this is that you can set your own hours and build up a portfolio of your individual skills and talents. and the disadvantage of career in interior designing is-Timeline: no job time limit its all depend of client's schedule. But this is very creative and energetic field.

For more details:

Career in Interior Design


Acting is as much art as it is a talent. There are natural born actors, but they are few and far between. Most actors have spent years training to become even good enough for small parts. Actors may act on stage or become involved in film, television or radio productions, Stage shows also. Where can I work? Career opportunities exist at various theatres, in the film industry and at the (Television and Radio) where actors are employed for specific productions on a contract basis, via agencies.

Requirements: What kind of personality do I need? Personal characteristics like intelligence, good Personality, sensitivity, keen perception, good memory and a sense of self-discipline are required by anyone wanting to enter the acting profession. Acting demands self-confidence, dedication, the will to succeed, the ability to adapt to different situations and the ability to deal maturely with criticism.

Entry: Entry into the profession is through various channels. Modelling is a popular mode of entry into the acting world. Many of our actors and actresses have gained entry into film and television work by being noticed on the modelling scene.


  1. Film and Television Institute Of India,Pune
  2. Zee Institute of Media Arts(ZIMA),Bombay
  3. Zee Institute of Media Arts(ZIMA),kolkata
  4. Asian Academy of Film & Television, Delhi
  5. Whistling Woods International,Bombay
  6. L V Prasad Film and TV Academy,Chennai
  7. National school of drama.
  8. Anupam kher academy

Pay Packet: A stage actor can get somewhere around Rs.1,000 to Rs. 10,000 per show. An experienced TV actor can approximately earn between Rs.10,000 to Rs.2, 00,000 per episode whereas a new comer can get Rs. 2,000 to Rs.10,000 depending on the role. A film actor in India can earn a handsome pay and it can vary from actor to actor depending on kind of role you get and the type of banner you are working for. Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 6 Crores.



  • Excellent remuneration is offered to talented people. And with experience, an actor can demand according to their star and market value.
  • There are innumerable mediums open to work for a talented actor. You can work for stage, radio, TV, films, videos and so on.
  • There is no retirement age in this field.
  • Popularity of cine stars is not confined to national borders.


  • An extremely busy work schedule often affects normal family life.
  • Media interference affects the private life of cine stars.
  • Due to too much of competition opportunities can be lost in the blink of an eye.

Top Companies:

Top banners you can look forward to be a part of are as follows:

  1. Star TV
  2. Pritish Nandi Communications
  3. Cinevista
  4. Sahara one Media and Entertainment Ltd
  5. Saregama India Ltd
  6. UTV Software Communication Ltd
  7. Balaji Telefilms Ltd
  8. Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

For more details:

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It depends on the area which you have interest most.

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