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Subject: career choice in Maths
Date: 22-Nov-2011
Question: I am ok in maths what should i become in life and take in +1

If you really love mathematics and solving sums is your passion. So you have lots of career option in mathematics. Mathematics prepares your careers as computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, teachers and more.

Advanced skills in mathematics are a must in many science-related careers. A degree in math is also a strong background for many computer science and computer engineering jobs also.

So you have a 2 option for choosing subject in class 11th.

1) science with math(PCM)

2) commerce with math/Business math/commercial math/Statistic

Top 7 careers for those who love Mathematics:

1) Chartered Accountant

2) Software Engineers

3) Operations Research Analysts

4) Banking

5) Mathematician/Statisticians

6) Teachers

7) Computer Systems Analysts

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