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Subject: Banking
Date: 18-Nov-2011
Question: how can a person make career in accounts after graduate by course?

The main purpose of accounting is to record business transactions and provide financial reports based on which success of a business can be estimated.

Accounting career options:

1) Financial accounting

2) Auditing

3) Internal auditing

4) Managerial accounting

5) Planning and budgeting

6) Tax accounting

7) Own accounting/bookkeeping business

Remuneration: Remuneration in the field of accounts depand on your qualification and knowledge, but the starting salary is Rs 10,000- Rs 15,000 month.


1) Chartered Accountancy (CA)(CAs are Audit and Account experts. Besides maintaining accounts in a firm, their work includes Accountancy, Auditing,

2) Cost accountancy, Taxation.

3) Cost Accountancy (from ICWA)

4) Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)

5) M.Com(Account and law)

6) MSc.Accountuing

7) MSc.Financial services

8) MBA (finance/accountancy)

Some diploma and Certification courses:

1) One Year Diploma Finance Accounting Taxation Banking

2) Tally

3) MIS

4) Taxmann

5) Webtel

6) Visual Payroll

7) SAP

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