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Subject: Genetics
Date: 30-Sep-2011
Question: Sir, now i am in 12th and i am interested in genetics. please guide me.

Genetics is study of genes and variations in organisms. Genetic Engineering is manipulation of genes to obtain the targeted results and is closely related to biotechnology and microbiology. In India, genetics, as an academic option is available at various levels. There are several specialised areas in the field, which include Human Genetics, Molecular Genetics and Medical Genetics. Its prospects for research and employment are quite promising. The technology related to genetics finds its application in health care, food processing, brewing, horticulture, beauty care, agriculture and animal science. They can also find employment in research and development institutes, educational institutions and government departments. You can go for Btech genetic engineering . Or even take up Bsc in life science further Msc in genetics.

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