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Keep your Eyes Open for new Opportunities

Gone are the times when people used to choose a career and stick to it all life long, when job stability, not the career growth prospects, used to be the only reason for choosing the career and at those times government job used to be the highest priority and the only time people used to leave their job was, retire from it. With changing times, one has to constantly enhance the skill set, as the need of the hour may be to keep oneself still hot and sought after.

Let's take an example, with the advent of computers in India in early eighties, some people had resistance in adopting it and accepting it as an integral part of their career. They feared the technology will eliminate their job, but did not think of mastering the technology. They were fighting against the strong wind of change, change for better, change for efficiency, change for technology which would later be visible in every part of their life and those who accepted this change, made the technology their strong arm and soon were in the fast lane.

So, it becomes important to have eyes, ears and mind open to see and listen and feel the opportunities which are thrown open each day of our lives. Let our minds dream, dream into the future, dream what you want, and the passion to achieve that becomes the technology. This is what is known as entrepreneurship.

One doesn't need to be a businessman to be entrepreneur. One finds hundreds of opportunity in every day's activities. What it requires is little imaginiation and creativity. Those are the people who are admired and are always on the fast track of career growth.


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