Going Abroad

Going Abroad

Going abroad? or want to go abroad? The reason may be good money or career choice, one needs to be aware or beware of certain facts and guard oneself and one's own interest.

One industry which is sending professionals in truckloads to US, Europe and other countries is the software industry. Its been a quick key to success to many companies, to act as a technology contractor. In the process, some have earned a bad name for the whole industry and are called "Body-shoppers".

One needs to be careful of these so called agents of the US companies. Their prime motive is to send a person abroad, and for this they will do anything and one best known fact is the tampering of the résumé to tailor it to suit the client's requirement and you will come to know of your projected skills, on the day of your telephonic interview, by not recognising your own résumé, and you'll be expected to acquire expertise in those areas in a matter of days and sometimes in hours.

Some may want you to put your original certificates with them, or passport or a signed cheque for an amount, claimed to be your visa processing fee. Don't give in to that. They need you more than you need the job, and if you will not show your desperation, they'll come your way but you've to be straight forward to them and don't sound desperate to go.

Another thing to be aware of the salary vis-a-vis your ultimate place of work. A salary which may sound great, may not be good enough for say in "Silicon Valley" area of california or New York city. You need to negotiate it hard to safeguard yourself. Some companies do not pay full salary while you are on "bench" (time while you are not placed with the client company yet). This is illegal in US and they cannot do that to you.

Other things to know before hand are the settlement expenses you'll be entitled to, any loan facility, any bonds (do you want to be bonded labour?) Provision of transport, accomodation etc. Air tickets for your spouse and children, annual vacation, overtime payments and few more things to talk to before hand.

That's it for now. Scary, isn't it. Next month we will cover how to choose a company to go abroad.


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