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Interview Tips

Research thoroughly about the company you are going for an interview. Find out the business of the company, what are the skills they are looking for, how you can contribute to the company's growth, company's prospects, your growth prospects etc. etc. Use your network to find out about the company, talk to career consultants to find out, look out on the internet.

If company has a web presence, visit their web site and note down all the factors, which will help you arrive at a decision. Make a list of questions you may have come up. These can be asked and get answered at the time of interview. Read Tips


Fresh Out of College?

Fresher and no job from campus? It is not a very comfortable situation to be in. You spent a fortune trying to acquire the professional degree, and worked very hard to earn that degree. The reward for all your efforts will follow, but one needs to be a little patient and work towards it. Getting depressed about the fact is not going to help.

First and foremost requirement is to probe oneself. What skills did you lack to get that dream job from the campus itself? Go, work to acquire those skills. Improve your command over the language, your confidence and brush up your presentation skills. Read Article


Preparing Résumé for a new Job

Stop! Do not Shoot Off Your Ready-Made Resume, the One-for-all types, in response to Today's Ad in CareerAge. If you are serious about appointment, and not disappointment, then you need to work on each application of yours. The problem of "Heaping of resumes" is only aggravated in the current job scenario! The reader of responses will not have time for a proper in-depth scrutiny of all the responses he gets. He is looking for only specific stuff. If he always knows what he is looking for! If he does not get a glimpse of what he wants in first 10 to 15 seconds, he moves on to the next resume. Fair or not. Like it or not. Read Article

Job Search going nowhere?

Job Search going nowhere?

Do you feel like you've done just about everything humanly possible to find a job, but nothing has worked out?

Have you sent out so many resumes or gone on so many interviews that you really think you should've gotten an offer by now?

If your patience and savings are wearing thin, don't give up hope.

Try following these seven steps to jumpstart your stalled search Read Article

Career Development

Career Development

Gone are the times when people used to choose a career and stick to it all life long, when job stability, not the career growth prospects, used to be the only reason for choosing the career and at those times government job used to be the highest priority and the only time people used to leave their job was, retire from it. With changing times, one has to constantly enhance the skill set, as the need of the hour may be to keep oneself still hot and sought after.

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Going Abroad

Going Abroad

Going abroad? or want to go abroad? The reason may be good money or career choice, one needs to be aware or beware of certain facts and guard oneself and one's own interest.

One industry which is sending professionals in truckloads to US, Europe and other countries is the software industry. Its been a quick key to success to many companies, to act as a technology contractor. In the process, some have earned a bad name for the whole industry and are called "Body-shoppers".

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