Anoop Enterprise


Graphic Designer

Skills: Designcad, creative pattern cutting, design firms, pattern cutting, design collaboration, design, render, craftsmanship, pattern making, surface pattern design
Job Description
  1. Visualize the Overall eLearning Design
  2. Creates content in accordance with the end goals and create content that matches them with the SB.
  3. Knows authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Captivate. etc.
  4. Can create/edit audio, video, simulations, role plays, games etc
  5. Acquires and applies new technology skills to design practice.
  6. Perform Self Reviews.
  7. Ensure process adherence.
  8. Adhere to project-related standards and guidelines.
  9. Executes the design projects.
  10. Works with subject matter experts to identify target audiences training needs.
  11. Maintain project documentation and course folders.
  12. Visualize and executes instructional graphics, the user interface, and the finished product.
Attitude: Should have an open, friendly, dependable and approachable attitude and should be a team player.

Experience: 1 to 4 Years.

Location: Mumbai (Bombay) (Maharashtra, India)

Salary: Rs 1.0 - 3.0 Lakh/Yr

Apply by email.

Ph.: 8422920601
Job Ad publication date: 6 Jun 2020