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Research and Development Engineer

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Job Location:  Pune
Job Description:  Keetronics is seeking a dynamic and proactive Research and Development Engineer to serve
as the technical resource and advisor to the development of printed electronics products. This
person will drive and manage the technology/ capability evaluation stage of the fabrication
process, and will provide the reliable solutions for all technical issues through basic research.
Applicant has to be passionate with strong basic electronics and development skills for the
device fabrication
Functional Area:  Engineering
Candidate Requirement
• To find the business Opportunities in various fields of Printed Electronics.
• Designing circuitry for printed electronics active and passive devices.
• Basic software architecture development to store electronic data.
• Develop and maintain an expert knowledge of materials and technologies used for
manufacturing customer products..
Qualification:  Any Diploma
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Job Ad publication date: 12 Oct 2020