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Learning Coordinator

Manages the technology: The ‘What?’

  • Is appropriately presented and role models webcam best practice e.g. switched on/well-lit/headshot/appropriate background
  • Troubleshoots the technical set-up via chat functionality before the session starts
  • Opens up the session in good time and applies the desired settings for annotation etc.
  • Ensures Facilitator is set up properly and ready to run the session
  • Meets & Greets all Learners as they enter, taking note of those in attendance for completion reporting later
  • Ensures Learners join with videos turned on and sound enabled
  • Plays interactive sessions i.e. videos
  • Allocates Learners into and launches breakout sessions effectively
  • Saves contributions and records sessions where required
  • Launches, ends and publishes polls in a timely manner
  • Monitors Learner interaction channels such as ‘participant chat’, ‘thumbs up’ and ‘participant panel’
  • Checks for early departures and late arrivals of learners, notifying the Facilitator accordingly
  • Switches between technologies without impacting session flow
  • Completes post-course administration:
    • Updates Learner completions statuses in LMS
    • Distributes Evaluations to Learners post course completion, collate and provide insight driven reporting of responses to programme manager/team
    • Distributes post course materials to Learners (slide decks, additional materials, recordings etc.)

Enhances the Learner Experience: The ‘How’?
Partners the Facilitator

  • Contracts with them prior to the session to confirm requirements regarding support/involvement/time keeping
  • Agrees a discrete way of communicating during the session
  • Actively builds Learner engagement by:
    • Prompting the Facilitator to interact with specific Learners through supervision of communication channels such as the ‘participant chat’, ‘participant panel’ or ‘thumbs up’ functions
    • Proactively seeking opportunities to promote the use of all aspects of platform functionality to maximise Learner / Facilitator interaction and involvement
    • Ensuring that Learners keep their videos on
    • Monitoring and managing background noise
  • Provides a time check of delivery if session is over running or running too quickly, using platform tools to discretely support the Facilitator
  • Clarifies instructions and keeps time in breakout rooms with ‘halfway’ and/or ‘one minute’ warnings using verbal prompts and broadcast messages and reissues activity instructions via Broadcast message if appropriate
  • Calmly holds Learners in the session if the Facilitator goes off-line, and professionally closes the session early if appropriate

Supports the Learners

  • Establishes the credibility and rapport required to be the trusted focal point for technical query resolution
  • Calmly interacts with the Facilitator and Learners, both singly and in groups to anticipate and identify technical issues
  • Clearly and decisively intervenes when technical challenges make this appropriate
  • Empathetically resolves all technical issues with jargon free explanations and clear, concise instructions
  • Creatively identifies and promotes effective workarounds when technical difficulties occur
  • Proactively and sensitively supports all Learners as they navigate around the platform irrespective of their technical knowledge or experience
Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Customer Orientation:
Able to partner the Facilitator in the delivery of an outstanding learner experience. Proactively seeks opportunities to improve learner interaction, involvement and engagement. Is not afraid to take control of a class and introduce technical solutions if platform related challenges are impacting Learner Experience. Whilst not expected to have programme specific expertise, has the confidence and competence to restate activities for Learners in break-out rooms if required, and alert the Facilitator where more programme specific help or clarity is required.

Interpersonal Skills:
Can quickly establish rapport and trust in a virtual environment at both individual and group level in order to become the recognised point of contact for technical support. Has the emotional intelligence and good judgement to notice when an intervention is required, and the confidence to sensitively do so. Is able to ‘meet learners where they are’ in terms of their technical competence and guide them back on track with clarity and empathy.

Presentation Skills
Can clearly present, demonstrate and explain the interactive features of the platform to a non-technically minded audience.

Time and Priority Management:
Able to notice when a session or sub-sessions are not running to time in a fast paced, interactive and dynamic environment. Can use their good judgement to proactively intervene and discretely work with the Facilitator to get the class timings back on track.

Planning and Organisation:
Able to orchestrate a potentially complex range of on-line activities on behalf of the Facilitator to precise and often tight timelines, ensuring that no Learners are left behind.

Able to hold multiple perspectives. Can simultaneously manage individual and collective Learner interaction, programme timing and Facilitator support whilst seamlessly administering the flow of activities.

Can ‘think on their feet’ and creatively adapt in a fast paced and unpredictable environment, using judgement and their knowledge of the platform to anticipate and resolve unplanned technical challenges for the Learners, the Facilitator and themselves. Able to calmly apply creative solutions in high-pressure situations.

Judgement and Decision Making:
Able to identify when it is appropriate to take charge of an evolving platform-related situation and has the confidence to step up when required.

Verbal Communication:
Can quickly and clearly explain potentially complex technical instructions to a non-technical audience.

Computer Literacy:
Has an active interest in the ‘what?’ and ‘how?’ of cloud based video conferencing tools in the context of Live On-line Learning. Is able to proactively improve Learner experience and engagement by exploiting the full functionality of the platform, including but not limited to the management of full-screen and gallery view, group and private chat, annotation and co-annotation of whiteboards and shared documents, screen sharing, polling, break-out rooms and all participant interaction channels for up to 20 Learners. Can deploy other software, such as Kahoot and Slido over the platform when necessary.

Experience: 4 - 6 years

Location: Chennai (Madras) (Tamil Nadu, India)

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Job Ad publication date: 9 Sep 2020