Mentor for 3D Design Course

We are a STEAM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Art and Math) based Organisation, where we research, promote and teach conceptual learning science. At GYANPRO, we believe that science is the curious consciousness that drives one to re-analyse things that often comes across as routine. Hence we strive to renew and refresh the young minds with the art of science by utilizing evidence-based instructional practices, connecting in and out-of-school learning, facilitating effective science communication and mentoring students, we seek to kindle scientific temper by honing reasoning skills and logical thinking amongst children. GyanPro aims to create an experiential science education program to make learning fun, inspiring and interactive for children.
Mentor for 3D Design Course
Job Location:  Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Job Description:  We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about creating still or moving images and can help children learn to do it in an interactive and fun way.
A personality who can invoke a child's creative side in 3D designing and help design their dream models.
An experience with teaching 3D design to children would be an added bonus!
If you think you have those skills or you can acquire them through training, then go scroll down to know more about the job profile and apply for the post!

Key Responsibilities:

Teach 3D design course to students of grade 5th To 12th
Ensuring the concept is understood by the students
Inspiring Students
Student evaluation regarding the course
Functional Area:  Teaching / Training
Functional Role:  Teacher/Tutor
Candidate Requirement
Required Technical Skills:

Familiar with Auto CADD design
Expert level knowledge in 3D design
Basic knowledge about 3D printer
Attention to details
Strong critical thinking and troubleshooting skills

Required and Desired Soft Skills:

Strong interpersonal communication skills
Strong creativity skills
Empathetic and patience towards children
Organized and Time management
Ability to understand and meet the needs based on the mindset of a child

Our motto is “We Make Science, Make Sense”. We offer a fun and friendly work environment. We are looking for a candidate who has a desire to work with a team, goal oriented, learning attitude, ability to work in a fast paced and high energy environment..
Experience:  0 - 1 years
Qualification:  Graduate in Engineering with B.E.Mechanical Engineering
Preferred Resume Format:  Pdf
Compensation Details 
Salary:  Upto 10 inr
Basic Pay: Rs.150 per session, 3 months Internship


1. On successful completion of Internship, Letter of Recommendation will be provided.

2. Based on the performance, the candidate will be offered a permanent employment or contract based employment.
GYANPRO, #440, 38th Cross, Jayanagar - 5th Block,
Bangalore - 560041.

Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka
India 560041

Phone: 8197089425
Fax: 08197089425 Website: GYANPRO
Job Ad publication date: 8 Feb 2021  

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