Site Survey Coordinator

Job Location:  Mumbai City, Delhi, Other Chattisgarh, Pune, Canada (Canada-Canada), Other Arunachal Pradesh, Other Bihar, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore
Job Description:  SkillSet: "speaking skills", "listening skills", "time management skills", mathematics, "surveyor skills".

surveyor to conduct land surveys and perform mathematical calculations with a high level of accuracy. Your measurements and calculations will be used for various construction and engineering projects in order to aid the decision-making and design process.

To be successful as a surveyor you must be able to undertake detailed research that involves examining historical property records and maps to determine the legal boundaries of a section of land or property.

Surveyor Responsibilities:

  • Travelling to sites, when necessary.
  • Taking measurements of distances and angles on a property or section of land in order to establish legal boundaries.
  • Employing specialized equipment, including distance measuring wheels, GPS, and geographic information system (GIS) devices to measure boundaries and contours.
  • Performing mathematical calculations to determine and confirm surveying measurements.
  • Marking and delineating boundaries and reference points on a property or section of land.
  • Researching and consulting historical maps and surveys, as well as legal documents, relating to the property or section of land they are measuring.
  • Analyzing data using plans, maps, charts, and software such as AutoCAD and GIS programs.
  • Presenting data to clients and preparing reports detailing legal boundaries and other relevant information.
  • Collaborating and working with project managers, construction crews, and government agencies, when necessary. Interested candidates should send his/her updated CV/RESUME to our E-mail ID: com
    Head of Recruitment officer.
Functional Area:  Site Engineering / Project Management,Service / Installation / Repair
Experience:  0 - 5 years
Salary:  3.0 Lakh to 7 Lakh INR
Job Ad publication date: 24 Jun 2022