Plant Rich Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd

Production Manager

Job Location:  Kottayam
Job Description:  SkillSet: " packing material", "quality control", " leadership skills", " people skills", safety.
Role : To plan , organize and deliver production as per schedules General Responsibility:
Implement SOP as per the statutory matters , organic certifications , FSMS , FPO , IFS , ISO 22000 or any other new certification requirements. Ensure all machineries are available for immediate manufacture by maintaining properly
Ensure RM , packing material , FG , specification and confirm the qulaity parameters up to final packaging and despatch of material.
Ensure the storage quality of raw materials , packing materials , finished goods.
Receiving the stock of raw materials from the warehouse and start production as per the BMR (required product specification) products in and prepare each process as per the tracebility and cost control methods.
Arranging materials for dispatch as per the checklist
Auditing activity (as internal auditor) & Proper identification of records
Action against the non conforming in process materials & report of damage cost on MIS.
Physical verification of quantity and condition of material
Quality and quantity of production & timely delivery
To ensure the supervision , performance evaluation of all dept. team members , work assistants on a daily , weekly , monthly & annum basis and report to director
Submission of MIS reports
Required Experience , Skills and Qualifications
Smart , aggressive , good IT skills , leadership skills , intelligence , people skills and the ability to face situations and influence people as and when required.
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Functional Area:  Maintenance,Production
Experience:  10 - 12 years
Qualification:  ("Other in any field")
Salary:  12 Lakh to 16 Lakh INR
Plant Rich Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd
Job Ad publication date: 21 Jan 2021