Prafulla Kumar Nagdeve

Operations Specialist

Job Location:  Kolkata, Gurugram, Chennai, Mumbai City, Noida, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Hyderabad
Job Description:  SkillSet: html, "microsoft word", quality, "team building", "web presence".

Operations Specialist is to manage the flow of a workplace and optimize day-to-day activities. The role involves tasks like analyzing business operations and identifying customer needs in order to bring the two closer together. Operations Specialists are detail-oriented people with the ability to look at the bigger picture.

Operations Specialists typically have a high level of job satisfaction due to the integral role they play in the success of the company and the satisfaction of the customers. The job outlook remains positive as the employment opportunities for Operations Specialists is expected to continue to grow.

Operations Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

In order to accomplish their primary goal of optimizing business operations, Operations Specialists perform a number of important tasks. During our analysis of many different job listings, the following roles were some of the most important to potential employers.

Track and Analyze Reports

In order to determine where improvements can be made in business procedures, the Operations Specialist is responsible for tracking and analyzing important reports. Examples of such reports are budgets, operation activity and department metrics. The Operations Specialist will use them to determine trends and variances and identify areas in which positive changes can be made.

Identify Customer Needs

In order to create an accurate depiction of business objectives, it is essential that an Operations Specialist identifies the needs of the customer. They can achieve this by observing the consumers, collecting surveys and then analyzing customer feedback.

Develop Improvement Plan

Once reports have been analyzed and customers needs have been determined, the Operations Specialist can take the next step of developing an improvement plan. The goal of this plan is to align efficient business operations with customer satisfaction. This plan can include things like updating computer software, implementing a new Web presence and adjusting customer service protocol.

Assist Departments with Change

Once the Operations Specialist has decided on the most beneficial course of action, they must decide the role that each different company department must play. It is up to them to communicate to each segment what is expected of them, and how the changes will affect their current roles. The Operations Specialist serves as the liaison between all departments to achieve a cohesive end result.

Operations Specialist Skills

Operations Specialists are very analytical in their thought processes, always using data to determine how adjustments and changes may affect the big picture. While they are able to focus on the long-term result, Operations Specialists are also able to narrow the scope enough to see what can be done today to get there.

Core Skills: The following skills are some of the most common we found when we looked at various job listings. Those interested in a career as an Operations Specialist should focus on the following.

Skills with use of Microsoft Word Office Suite, such as Word and Excel
Strong quantitative and analytical skills
Collaborative worker and teambuilding ability

Advanced Skills: While these skills didnt appear on every list, they were present enough in job listings to be worth mentioning. Job candidates with these advanced skills will most likely have a better chance at getting hired.

Experience with advanced computer systems, such as Oracle, Salesforce, HTML
Able to work under a flexible schedule
Knowledge of content management systems

Functional Area:  Back Office Operations,Operations Management / Process Analysis
Experience:  16 - 0 years
Salary:  14 Lakh to 26 Lakh INR
Prafulla Kumar Nagdeve
Job Ad publication date: 19 Jan 2021