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Printing Machine Operator

Job Location:  Pune
Job Description:  SkillSet: customer relations, inventory management, materials management, press releases, quality.
1) Maintains printing machines, high speed copying machine, bindery equipment, tools, supplies and work area for the purpose of
ensuring a safe work environment and the availability of equipment and supplies required to complete work requests.
2) Maintains work production and recharge records (manual and computer) for the purpose of projecting equipment and supply
requirements and ensuring the accuracy of departmental billing.
3) Performs mailroom responsibilities including the usage of postage equipment (e.g. receive, sort and distribute regular and bulk mail,
affix postage to outgoing mail; weigh mail) for the purpose of ensuring that district mail is processed timely and appropriately.
4) Prints a wide variety of materials (e.g. booklets, forms, letters, catalogs, multicolor reports, announcements, letterhead, fliers,
pamphlets, etc.) for the purpose of providing duplicated materials in accordance with work order specifications.
5) Reviews materials submitted for duplication (e.g. spelling, layout, paper-request, etc. ) for the purpose of correcting errors, avoiding
unnecessary expenses and meeting requester s needs.
6) Unloads cargo pallets for the purpose of restocking shelves and maintaining a safe, efficient and organized work space.,
Functional Area:  Production
Experience:  5 - 7 years
Qualification:  ("Mechanical in Diploma") OR ("Graduation in any field")
Salary:  2.0 Lakh to 3.0 Lakh INR
Seven Consultancy
Job Ad publication date: 19 Jan 2021