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Mechanical Engineer (diploma

Job Location:  Patna, Kolkata, Delhi
Job Description:  SkillSet: mechanical, production, it, site, equipment.
Mechanical Engineer Job Responsibilities

Composing the list of a mechanical engineers core responsibilities is one of the most important aspects of drafting a job description. The job responsibilities section carries heavy weight, so remember to build context for jobseekers by laying out clearly what you expect the employee to do in the position. When you include comprehensive details in the mechanical engineer job description, candidates can more easily understand the scope of responsibility and decide whether to pursue the opportunity.

Additionally, research keywords for mechanical engineer and include those in the list of responsibilities. For example, a brief search reveals mechanical engineering as the number one keyword, alongside maintenance and design engineering, which appear second and third, respectively. For your ad to have better search engine results and a stronger chance of qualified candidates finding it, include these specific words in the mechanical engineer job description.

Beyond describing specifics and incorporating keywords, also consider including the following in your mechanical engineer job responsibilities:

  • Perform mechanical engineering duties, which include equipment design, installation and maintenance
  • Evaluate current technologies to assess efficiency and safety, and then redesign them as needed for improved performance
  • Justify design approaches and document the requirements for each
  • Prototype equipment to design engineering specifications
Functional Area:  Maintenance,Production
Experience:  0 - 3 years
Salary:  1.0 Lakh to 2.0 Lakh INR
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Job Ad publication date: 03 Dec 2020