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Candidates requirement for-Specialist, Lending Ops

Candidates requirement for-Specialist, Lending Ops
Job Location:  Mumbai City
Job Description:  SkillSet: " personal loans", " customer service", " cost saving", " senior management", " process efficiency".

Roles and Responsibility
Domain Capabilities
Product / Domain Knowledge

  • Possesses in-depth understanding (end to end) on the product / process
  • The end to end features and functionality of Personal Loans / Overdraft / Mortgages / BB / Credit card product to be known
  • To be abreast of the changes advised by Country so that this is applied to the current process followed
  • To be able to relate to the TP enhancements eg done to RLS, EBBS, ICM, LOS ,CCMS and Cards 400 with reference to the current process followed
  • To be able to suggest any enhancements to be done to the sub systems so that the work around or hands off is reduced
  • Able to perform rule based technical work involving acceptable deviations and exceptions
  • If the instructions provided by the Country involves decision making like checking the account for levy of late charges prior to effecting reversals etc, this is to be effectively carried out
  • Ability to understand the rejects done by TP systems like RLS, ICM, EBBS, CCMS and Cards 400 and investigate the reasons for such rejects
  • If the files are uploaded with a time lag , ability to understand the impact of such time lags and plan the next course of action accordingly
  • Able to identify, understand and articulate the requirements of the products from customer point of view how it will benefit them
  • To keep in mind the customers expectations with reference to conversion of transactions to EMI / RATE CHANGE / TENOR CHANGE / PRODUCT CHANGE

Process Management

  • Able to identify opportunities to automate repetitive logic based manual activities.
  • To review the processes which involve routine processing with a specific set of inputs and suggest methods of automation in the TP system
  • Any non value added activities or duplicate checking activities either manual or on system is to be identified and highlighted to bring in process efficiency
  • Perform independent activities concurrently
  • To be able to check the financial transactions independently without referring to the logics applied by the maker
  • Exception based checking is to be done to ensure that the errors done by the makers are highlighted promptly
  • Give inputs from ground level after understanding the big picture
  • To have end to end understanding of the process so that automation opportunities in the TP systems can be provided
  • To be able to identify activities which are duplicated either in the total Financial operations or with reference to the checking activity and suggest methods of decreasing TAT
  • Supports and involves in change management plans in achieving mutual objectives to manage change.
  • As and when there are change initiatives driven by Country / Regulatory Authorities, should be able to plan the activities very well and deliver the required output with the least business interruption
  • Open to suggestions and experimentation
  • Any suggestions by the makers should be analysed effectively for opportunities of automation
  • To be willing to experiment by capitalising on the UAT environments available for various projects to check the process improvements by change of parameter settings eg in ebbs, los, icm, CCMS / Cards 400
  • To be willing to experiment effectively which would bring in reduction of TAT for customer, process efficiency, cost saving or increase in revenue without any disruption to BAU activities
  • To have a sense of urgency in meeting deliverables in TAT and Accuracy
  • To always have customer requirements in mind while executing Financial transactions
  • To appreciate the requirement of delvering accurate output every time
  • To perform all the Financial transactions right the first time
  • Able to understand the GL accounts, uploads , emi repayment activities, static changes and critical regulatory changes and give support to abide by the same within the stipulated timelines

Capacity Planning

  • Possess ability to understand the work plans and organizes their own work effectively
  • Able to identify sudden changes at a transactional level
  • Raises issues when they see the task is at risk
  • Completes work as assigned

Operational risk Management

  • Understands what the various risks are at transaction level and some of the mandatory actions that need to be performed.
  • Escalates issues to senior management within parameters of role
  • Describes the fundamentals of operations risk
  • Awareness on transactional level fraud

Behavioural Capabilities

  • Precision Accuracy
  • Able to drive quality work within team and self
  • Proof reads work and/or checks the process delivered thoroughly in order to eliminate errors.
  • When issues present consults with others in order to ensure he/she has resolved them in the appropriate way.

Client Centric

  • Considers the impact of their actions on the end-to-end process and customer.
  • Understands basic customer service requirement and able to apply same in own areas of work
  • Able to provide differentiated customer service for various types/ grades of customers
  • Treat all clients with respect and cultural awareness
  • Able to show empathy in terms of keeping the customer point of view while processing a transaction / working


  • Possesses ability to translate complex information into easy- to-understand language
  • Proficient in both verbal and written communication
  • Escalates issues and concerns in a timely manner

Problem Resolution

  • Understands the situation and perform right escalations
  • Being able to provide data for performing root cause of the problem
  • Ability to speak up when in disagreement and opposition
  • Ability to understand the existence of crisis and conflicts
  • Able to work in a team with good interpersonal skills

Managerial Capabilities

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Understands and knows who the stake holders are and meets SLAs.
  • Able to provide timely and accurate response to queries / request raised by Stakeholders

People Management

  • Able to co operate and work as a team in an open and approachable style.
  • Be good team player taking team s goals in to consideration.

Change Management

  • Understands the need for change and willingly accepts it
  • Able to quickly adapts to changes with regards to process, projects, behaviour etc
  • Ability to look beyond self interest to collective interest
  • To positively respond to the pace of change

Data Analytics

  • Able to analyze the process to understand the dimensions of the job

Our Ideal Candidate

  • For Grade C: Experience greater than 4 years
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Typing Skills
  • Reading and comprehension

Role Specific Technical Competencies

Functional Area:  Sales / BD
Experience:  4 - 6 years
Qualification:  ("Graduation in any field")
Salary:  6 Lakh to 8 Lakh INR
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd
Job Ad publication date: 05 Dec 2022