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Sr. Manager R and D TCMS Software Development at Bhopal

Job Location:  Bhopal
Job Description:  SkillSet: project life cycle, life cycle, power control, hardware sizing, architectural design.

Roles and Responsibilities

System Design & Integration (Electrical and logical circuit
o TCMS Hardware sizing based on different redundancy concepts.
o TCMS Consist Network Communication Architecture design
o Train Backbone Network design.
o System redundancy, Communication redundancy and TCMS
redundancy design.
o Modes of DEMU/MEMU/EMU operation Design.
o Simulated Test bench schematics development for TCMS
system level algorithm verifications,
o Sub-System design and functional groups/functional logics
algorithm design.
o TCMS Software development.
o DEMU/MEMU/EMU Master state Machine chart design and
o Remote DMC/DTC (Driving Motor Car/ Driving Trailing car)
o Tractive effort & brake effort calculation and controlling
o Bogie power control algorithm design.
o Wheel slip slide protection, detection and controlling.
o Brake blending algorithm design.
o Air spring monitoring system, Lights and Ventilation system
redundant schematics design.
o CCTV & ASM Architecture design, HMI Screen architecture
o Sub-system integration & complete system integration.
o Able to handle Design approvals, Type tests and commissioning
o Able to handle different design functional teams.
o Able to handle departmental activities.
o Able to handle departmental process (like IMS, IRIS, TQM)
o Able to handle complete project life cycle and its gate reviews.

Functional Area:  Sales / BD,General / Other Software
Experience:  10 - 16 years
Qualification:  ("Other in Other")
Salary:  12 Lakh to 20 Lakh INR
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Job Ad publication date: 20 Feb 2021