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Frequently Asked Questions
Individual Job Seekers

Individual Job Seekers

  1. What does CareerAge have to offer to an individual job seeker?
    • CareerAge provides a huge repository of job advertisements along with a powerful search engine to help job seekers find the jobs according to their interest area and location preference.
    • Provides guidance towards career building and support.
    • Career resources like - Career Development, Interview tips, Going Abroad, Coming back to India, Career counseling etc.
    • Additional benefits can be availed by signing up the membership absolutely free of cost.

  2. What benefits do I get by becoming a member?
    By becoming a member, you can get:
    • Job notifications via e-mail, if you wish
    • An option to present your profile/resume to various companies without revealing any personal information.
    • And if you are one of the lucky 100 members every month, you get a tastefully designed T-shirt too!
    • Every member who informs us of getting a job through the job advertised on CareerAge gets a surprise gift.

  3. What is your privacy policy?
    CareerAge respects the right to confidentiality of a job seeker and guarantees that no personal details and current employment details will be visible to anyone unless the job seeker specifies so.

  4. How is confidentiality maintained?
    Corporates looking for suitable candidates only get to see a filtered set of specific information like - Qualification, Skill set and interest areas of the candidate. Even if they contact you via the e-mail interface provided by our site, your e-mail address is not visible to them.

  5. Can I use CareerAge without registering?
    Yes, absolutely. You get to search the site for all the job postings as well as an access to various Career resources like - Career Development, Interview tips, Going Abroad, Coming back to India, Career counseling etc.

  6. What is the source of job postings?
    The jobs posted on the site come from various magazines, newspapers and Corporates who have registered with CareerAge.

  7. How does one become a member?
    You just need to fill a simple form on the site to become a member. We will send your user id and password by e-mail.


  1. What benefits does my company get by becoming a member?
    • Access to a huge repository of profiles/resumes of candidates at a very reasonable cost.
    • Ability to search for relevant candidates of diverse experience and skills.
    • Ability to contact the desired candidates by e-mail.
    • Increased visibility of the company and its profile to individuals who visit our site.
    • Placement of Career Opportunities available through out the membership period.
    • Unlimited number of changes allowed to Job Advertisement.
    • Priority handling and expert advice in the area of Human Resources by experts.

  2. How does my company become a member?
    You just need to sign up the membership form at our site and send us a draft as membership fee.

  3. What is the duration of membership?
    You can choose any one of the various membership packages:
    • Annual Membership
    • Half Yearly Membership
    • Quarterly Membership
    • Monthly Membership

  4. How does CareerAge help in increasing visibility of my company?
    Corporates can place advertisement banners linked directly to their job advertisement. Various possibilities are available for placing Ad banner.
    • Premier Ad placement - Home page of web site
    • Special Category Ad placement - Home page of specific Career category
    • Special interest Ad placement - Presented every time, the user searches a specific keyword on rotation basis.

  5. Do you charge for people hired through your site?
    No, we do not charge anything for people hired through our site.

  6. Is there a way by which we can target people looking for jobs in a specific area?
    Yes, you can choose to put up your advertisement banner when a user looks for jobs in specific category or a specific interest area.

  7. How many times can we change our job advertisements?
    As many times as you wish during your membership period, there is no restriction on that!

  8. What is the duration of print media ads on the site?
    30 days from the date of the publication of the ad on the CareerAge site.