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Configure Job Alerts to reach your Inbox
  1. Gmail  
  2. Yahoo  
  3. Rediff  
  4. Hotmail


  1. Press Settings then Filters and then Create new filter
  2. Add @careerage.com in From field and click Next Step
  3. Click never send it to spam and then Create Filter


  1. Press Options
  2. Press Filters under mail management
  3. Click Add
  4. Add careerAge to filter name, @careerage.com in from and move message to inbox and click Add Filter


  1. Click Settings
  2. Press Mail Filters then Stay Organised
  3. Add @careerage.com in from field and Move to folder inbox and click save icon


  1. Press Options
  2. Press Safe and Blocked senders in Junk Mails
  3. Press Safe senders
  4. Add careerage.com to sender or domain safe and click Add To the List